Our classroom!

Our classroom!

Class sizes will be kept at a ratio of 6 students to 1 adult. 

Annual Registration Fee of $30 for your first child and $15 for every additional child.

Children must be potty trained. 


3-Year Old Preschool will take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  $130 /monthly     


Morning: 8:00am - 11:00am        - 5 Openings



4/5-Year Old Pre-K will take place Mondays-Wednesdays-Fridays.   $200/monthly    

Morning: 8:00am - 11:00am    3 Opening


What our daily routine looks like:

Morning Session/Afternoon Session

 8:00/12:00 Welcome, Free Play Centers -  blocks, puzzles, dramatic play, kitchen area, tool bench, sensory table

8:30/12:30 Circle Time - welcome song, calendar, counting, letters, shapes, colors, story, sharing, learn new song/rhyme, etc.

9:15/1:15 Music & Movement - interactive songs like Ants go Marching or Hokey Pokey, free-style dance to Music CD, dance/hop like animals. Stretching and tumbling.

9:30/1:30 Snack/Potty   (Parents must provide daily snacks for their child.) 

 9:45/1:45 Table Activity Time -  Age appropriate paperwork (learn to write their names, patterns, scissor skills, math, journal, puzzles,etc.).

1 0:15/2:15 Outdoor Play - trikes, slides, bubbles, playhouse, sidewalk chalk, etc. Create natural play-scapes which allow children to interact with bugs, plants, water, trees and nature.

10:30/2:30 Learning Centers - Alphabet games and math games (during this time we pull individual and small groups to work on specific skills.

 11:00/3:00 Going Home


Lunch will be from 11:00-12:30 for children who attend all day.